Telephone Trouble: Game of the Jam Edition

Game of the Jam (according to us!)

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us in the GMTK21 jam. Being in the top 20 is an amazing result we couldn't be happier with!

In the last month or so we've been rewriting a lot of the game to make it more modular and we've just released our first update. Lots of the comments we received were about the hectic nature of the game and we want to be able to provide a more relaxed experience for those who like to take things a bit easier!

Today's update includes the new game mode 'CHILL MODE'. You can find it in the main menu - give it a try (it has it's own leaderboards too!).

We've also got a bit of a hint in the main menu for our future plans for the game. New updates should be a lot quicker now :)

If you like the new mode let us know in the comments!



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Sep 14, 2021


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Wicked job everyone!