Change Log - ChillMode Update


  • New game mode - Chill Mode
    • A 10 minute long chill-fest of cathartic call connections
    • Turn off the background music, put on your favourite lo-fi beats, and route some calls
  • Added new lighting effects
  • Added new jack connection effect
  • Added new office wallpaper
  • Added new priority call visual effect
  • Added background sound effects for "office vibes"
  • Added radio to control background music and office ambience
  • New main menu screen
  • Added high score viewer
  • Massive back-end re-write to enable future development
  • Visual score feedback on call connection/early disconnection


  • Adjusted the difficulty curve of score attack for a more gradual increase
  • Increased the length of score attack mode from 2 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Added missing game interactions to the tutorial
  • Added skip tutorial shortcut (ctrl+s)
  • Increased note size
  • Fixed end call audio sound playing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed "game time" - the clock now accurately reflects the time remaining in the round
    • All shifts end at 6pm!
  • Less Jam Spaghetti

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Sep 14, 2021

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